Kennedy Space Center Opens Interactive Moon Landing Exhibit

NASA has opened a new interactive moon landing exhibit at Kennedy Space Center, giving Florida residents the opportunity to explore a fully simulated lunar surface.

“It’s the first exhibit of its kind,” said Dr. Richard Ping, lead developer of the lunar simulation project. “We really focused on immersion; we want guests to feel like they’re actually exploring the lunar surface. We even give them mission objectives to complete, just like a real astronaut.”

When asked about what some of these mission objectives consist of, Dr. Ping explained: “We ask them to collect rock samples, observe the effects of a low-gravity environment on their bodies, and search for powerful artifacts that appear Mesopotamian in nature. So far, the exhibit has been a complete success.”

Guests from all over the state have raved about the new interactive lunar experience.

Rachel Oskwit, one of the first guests to visit the new exhibit, called it “eerily familiar, like you’ve been there before, like you’ve always been there, like you never left,” and “mind-breaking.”

When asked about the mission objective she was given during her visit, she said “we found it. It was right where they said it would be, but then that… thing came out of the ground, and it, it killed them; it killed all of them.”

NASA is letting Florida residents experience the lunar exhibit for free for the rest of the summer, and claims that over 200 Floridians have already visited the exhibit in its opening week, making it one of their most successful programs since the Curiosity rover. Only 27 of the guests have come back, which Dr. Ping calls overwhelming evidence of the exhibit’s “fun factor.”

If you and your family are near Titusville this summer, don’t overlook this budget-friendly one of a kind experience.

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