Untappd: How to Make Your Problem Look Like a Hobby

Untapped is a fantastic little app that’s all about choosing beer, rating beer, taking pictures of beer, and then criticizing the choices and pictures of other people’s beer. It’s like what you would get if Instagram and Yelp had a baby whose only interest was getting wasted, and it’s really more fun than it ought to be, partially thanks to the badges you can unlock while you drink. After you check in a new brew, a little notification might pop up letting you know that you unlocked an achievement; you get a cute little graphic, and the achievement gets added to the ever-growing pile of evidence that you may have a problem.

Remember, “it ain’t easy being green,” isn’t an excuse to day drink

And when that badge pops up it really does feel like you’ve achieved something, which either says a lot about how well designed the app is, or a lot about how sad and empty your life has become. Either way, I have a lot of fun collecting them. My girlfriend and I compete with each other by trying to acquire rare badges, while a few of my friends are on a quest to catch ’em all, like self-destructive Pokémon trainers.

The app is also useful for beer enthusiasts who want to keep track of what they’ve already drank and what they do and don’t like. Let’s be honest, not many people are going to remember the name and flavor profile of a beer they tried two years ago. Untappd let’s you search your previously checked-in beers by name and easily find their reviews, so you can let your phone remember that you hated a particular ass-nasty beer instead of remembering it yourself or rediscovering that information the hard way. On top of rating your libations, you can also take pictures of them and run them through a mobile photo editor that puts Instagram’s to shame.

On top of having creative filters for your photos, you can also make sure that your beer is organic and gluten-free

Untappd is definitely worth the price of admission, which is absolutely nothing, and it’s a great way to pass your drinking problem off as a fun hobby to your friends, family, and coworkers. Hell, you might even get them into using the app too, because at the end of the day Untappd’s tagline says it best: Drink Socially.

You can follow the author on Untappd at JrrRowe

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