Glass Museum Goes Missing in Daring Art Heist

St. Petersburg’s Visualize Museum of Clear Glass, previously on the corner of 1st Ave N and 14th St N, has gone missing according to Barb Janowski, deputy director of the museum. The museum, which not only features the largest exhibit of clear glass art in the world, but is also constructed entirely out of clear glass, has been missing since early Wednesday morning. The St. Pete Police Department is currently treating the case as an art heist.

“We’re all very excited,” said Deputy Trey Alderson. “Who doesn’t love a good art heist? It’s like Beverly Hills Cop, the first one, with the banana in the tailpipe.”

SPPD has their officers on high alert, as the clear glass museum could be hidden anywhere, even in plain view.

“It’s tricky,” said Lieutenant Frida Bacon. “Because the museum is made of transparent glass, and the art is made of transparent glass, and the fixtures are made of transparent glass, there’s no telling where the museum could be. You can’t know where it is unless you bump into it.”

Lt. Bacon has instructed her team to focus on finding the museum first and then work on catching the thief or thieves.

“Some of the guys wanted to shoot their guns off to see if they could find it that way, but thankfully cooler heads prevailed. We’ve been throwing rocks around instead. As soon as we hear something shatter, we’ll be well on our way to cracking this case.”

The police are advising residents to watch where they’re going and be mindful of unexpected glare and reflections. If you see an image of yourself in the street, confirm that it’s your own reflection and not a doppelganger or evil twin before notifying the SPPD. If the image is a doppelganger, follow the standard evil twin protocol found on the City of St. Pete’s official website.

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